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We are in Warwick, having spent a couple of very laid back days. We stopped in Long Itchington, a delightful little village, with a sleepy, open feel to it. There was a very old house that Elizabeth I stayed in, … buy Lyrica online from mexico

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buy Pregabalin 300 mg online

Yesterday, we took the train to London, departing early in the morning after a long walk to the station. The train was fast, inexpensive and on time. We went to London primarily to see the War Cabinet rooms, Churchill’s government … buy Lyrica tablets

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We are now in Rugby, and have spent time at Napton Junction, and Braunston, the crossroads of the Oxford and Grand Union Canals. Very busy, with LOTS of boats, and a lot of new hire boat (rental boats) people going … buy Lyrica medicine

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The great weather has finally changed somewhat. We had a thundershower mid day Monday, then rain again in the evening. Tuesday started in the rain so we got underway in jackets, etc. but that quickly broke up leaving another beautiful … buy Lyrica belfast

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Well, lots to catch up on. We journeyed up the Thames to arrive in Oxford. The link between the river Thames and the Oxford canal is called the Sheepwash channel, and was a reminder that the Oxford Canal is for … cheap sunglasses lyrics

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Well, the Thames was certainly different. We steamed from Reading north along the broad, and sometimes very busy river. A very large number of hired cruisers, with lots of family groups. They appeared to be having a great time, as … buy Pregabalin usapurchase Lyrica in canada

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Well, some very laid back days. Hot weather continues. Night before last threatened thunderstorms. We heard thunder, and got at least 6 drops of rain. Not enough to wet the boat. Yesterday, not even that much. about 4 drops, and … buy Pregabalin online

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We departed Kintbury after I spent some time exploring this quaint village. Nothing spectacular or particularly memorable, but still quietly peaceful and relaxing. Arrived in Newbury after a short journey, and decided to spend the afternoon dealing with a few … where to buy Pregabalin online

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Great Bedwyn to Kintbury Today was gorgeous. A fairly strong breeze kept the horseflies away, made it feel much cooler, and generally made the boatwork easier, although steering such a large sail area can make things interesting. Very rural and … buy Lyrica online ireland

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We left Devizes Marina on Wednesday morning about 1030h, after final words with the refit crew and the marina management. Garbage, and other niggling departure items meant a departure a little later than planned, but we are on holiday… Note … buy generic Lyrica india

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