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After spending the night in Uithoorn in a very expensive municipal mooring, and with brisk winds, we moved quite a way along the Amstel River towards Amsterdam, then turned off onto the Weesper Trekvaart, crossing the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanal, to arrive, … order Pregabalin online uk

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We moved from Haarlem around Schipol airport, stopping for lunch right across from the KLM repair facility. Interesting, but not very photogenic! The departure from Haarlem was great, though, finally with nice weather. We then moved along to Aalsmeer ¬† … buy you a drank lyrics

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Haarlem: we arrived in Haarlem, after spending a wonderful night in a secluded, but very protected mooring on the Kever in the Kagerplassen ( a lake south of Haarlem). Haarlem is wonderful- except that the weather wasn’t friendly at all, … buy Lyrica belfast

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Leiden: I travelled from Delft towards Leiden, choosing a rural mooring (free!) for a night, so that I could prep the boat for the arrival of Nick and Chris. I am still struggling with electrical issues, mostly because the installers … buy Lyrica in canada

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Delft: (part 2) So I was misinformed. The Nieuw Kirk IS undergoing restoration, but for 7 Euro, you can climb the 347 steps to the top of the tower, (and listen to the 48! bells in the carillon, and view … buy pfizer Lyrica online

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Delft. My trip from Rotterdam to Delft provided new challenges. At one bridge, there was a police boat stopping traffic. Because it was Saturday, there was a regatta on the canal. This is what the canal looked like! We were … buy Pregabalin 300 mg cheap

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NOTE: I have changed the location finder on the menu underneath the main picture. Click here and you will find out where I am and where I’ve been. I spent 2 nights in Willemstad, because I was awaiting delivery of … buy Lyrica in dubai

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I spent yesterday in Antwerp, doing the tourist things (but on a bike), checking out the restored old city, and getting bits for the boat at the chandlery. And then I began the exit from where I had moored, northward … buy Lyrica in australia

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This gallery contains buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v.

As promised, here are a whole series of photos¬† from the Ascension Day parade in Brugge that I was fortunate to be able to attend.The individual presentations tell biblical stories from the beginning of the world, through to life after … buy canibus Lyrical law

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I had a good day in Brugge- and will fill you in on the parade/procession when I get a good wifi day. I left Brugge as part of a convoy: this is how they avoid lifting the bridges randomly and … purchase Lyrica cheap

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