July 22 & 23

Wandering Canuck on the Thames at Reading

Wandering Canuck on the Thames at Reading

Well, some very laid back days. Hot weather continues. Night before last threatened thunderstorms. We heard thunder, and got at least 6 drops of rain. Not enough to wet the boat. Yesterday, not even that much. about 4 drops, and no thunder. The whole area could use a day of nice, gentle rain. We are in Reading, having ‘turned the corner’ and left the Kennet and Avon Canal, and now are intending to go north to Oxford on the Thames. A very different experience: the river is wide and there is a lot of traffic from cruiser yachts, etc. We stayed in Reading for the day. Checked out the town, did some shopping, and had the electrician deliver the missing switch that provides 240 vac power as we travel. I also caulked the roof hatch, so that (hopefully) will be watertight, not that that has been a problem! We met a couple from Australia, from the town that Pat and Kerry are planning their exchange to, next year. Small world. We enjoyed a BBQ Australian style, last night, and our new friends are heading out the opposite way today.

Sheila Gibbs says: July 29, 2013 at 4:31 am (Edit) I love this picture!

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