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Great Bedwyn to Kintbury


lock and swing bridge together: complications

Today was gorgeous. A fairly strong breeze kept the horseflies away, made it feel much cooler, and generally made the boatwork easier, although steering such a large sail area can make things interesting. Very rural and peaceful today, with not a lot of ‘exciting’ stuff to see, but many locks, widely spaced, meant a solid day for all. We stopped in Hungerford with potentially a chance to stay there, but even after a Tesco (grocery store) stop, decided that laundry needed doing, so continued on to Kintbury, a very sleepy little village with a nice pub called the Dundas Arms. The Dundas family name is everywhere in this village. A very quiet and peaceful mooring meant a great night sleep. There is a train track (mainline) just beside the canal, but the trains are really quiet, compared to Canadian ones, and there was minimal interruption.

TH Cottage

Thatched canal-side cottage

Heather says: July 20, 2013 at 4:50 pm (Edit) Looking great along the canal! Your photos are a beautiful way for us to follow your travels and I appreciate hearing of the original steam engine and such marvels. Weather looks fabulous! Heather


Buy Lyrica overnight, Buy Lyrica in ireland

retired independent school teacher from Canada
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