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Northern Ireland We crossed from the Isle of Man, passing a square-rigged sailing ship that had sailed into the harbour the night before, full sails, then fired a saluting gun, and moored along the breakwater wall. An impressive sight. The … buy Lyrica online from mexico

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Well, the next year of exploration begins. After a wonderful winter’s mooring in Plymouth, with excursions to Canada for Christmas, and Rwanda to visit my sister in February, coupled with an amazing ringing community in and around Plymouth, I have … buy Lyrica in ireland

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It has been an eventful two weeks in Devon. I cruised from Torquay, around the ‘corner’ to Dartmouth Harbour in a very lovely day’s cruising. However, I have discovered an ever-increasing oil leak from the engine. I tried to have … buy Lyrica india

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And back to Britain. Today, I crossed the channel again, this time from Dunkerque, to Ramsgate. We left at 0715h, and it took about 90 minutes to get through the lift bridges and two locks to get to the sea. … can you buy Lyrica over the counter

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Chris J. arrived from the US and is joining me for a few days. We spent the evening walking around in Ghent, and had a great excursion. Ghent is quite well preserved with small streets, and an extensive tram system. … buy pfizer Lyrica online

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I left the Netherlands on the Gent-Terneuzen Kaanal, and am back in Gent in Belgium. I had a wonderful time exploring the small and the vast waterways of the Netherlands. I hope you have enjoyed the cruise (and if you … buy Lyrica 150 mg online

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Back to waterways adventures. After spending the day in Naarden, I moored in the harbour of a little island in the Gooimeer. The wind was up and I wanted serious shelter, and not an urban marina mooring. I found the … Lyrica to buy

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Happy Canada Day. Yesterday’s post was all about me and the trip. Today, a History lesson. Naarden has been an important spot for the defense of the area since the 14th century (and probably before that as well). The center … buy Lyrica online usa

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Well the adventures continue on a new page. I spent 5 days (including the weekend) in Meppel, getting engine serviced and new water filter units installed. I toured the town extensively on the bike trails, and dealt with a few … can i buy Pregabalin in canada

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Five weeks. It is hard to imagine, but I’ve had crew (visitors) for five glorious weeks of touring in the Netherlands. First Nick and Chris from Devizes in Britain, who helped sort a number of the teething problems, and got … buy a heart lyrics

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