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This is the web site of Wandering Canuck Too, a 44 foot (13.5m) steel cruiser currently in Britain.

This is the web blog of Wandering Canuck Too, a boat and a guy who want to explore the coastal waterways, canals and river systems of Europe. I offer a chance for young people willing to endure an old guy, and to explore using the boat as a base. I am exploring Britain and Europe, as conditions permit. I started on a narrowboat, and am now on a cruiser, able to do coastal waters as well as canals and rivers. Contact me for further information on this opportunity if you are intrigued or interested.

The adventure continues.

There seems to be confusion as to the name of the boat.

Wandering seems to be self-explanatory, but really implies no fixed itinerary, and one who moves. A Canuck is a Canadian: the term is related to interpretations ofย  language by the lumberjacks that were so important in the early times of this large part of the world. The etymology is unclear, but we Canadians are somewhat proud of this slang term of identification.

Your input appreciated! Comments and queries are encouraged.ย  Spam or advertising will never be posted.ย  As I am new to web sites and blogs, suggestions and hints would be welcome.


Can you buy Lyrica in mexico - Where can i buy Lyrica in australia

  1. Alan and Nicky Denney says:

    Hello Ed,
    Well what can we say! Thank you so much for helping to rescue Nicky from the lock. Without your bow thruster getting her to the ladder, her arms would have dropped off trying to cling on for dear life!
    We thoroughly enjoyed your company on both nights, and although we have just about recovered, our livers are still trying to catch up after the dousing of Malbec.
    (PS Nicky currently enjoying the Pinot Gricio: thank you again)
    If you think you might have missed out on the food festival on Saturday / Sunday, DON’T! We had a taster this afternoon and ended up spending ยฃ35 on some cheese, nuts and olives! We felt really ripped off (do you understand this idiom in Canutise?) so instead of complaining to the stall holder we, typically English, are complaining to you! (Ha ha).
    We won’t be staying here tomorrow so hope to move off mid-morning (ie 3pm to us) and hope to meet you further along the cut.
    We will certainly keep in touch and don’t forget our promise of a weekend in the Cotswolds. When we get home we will be happy to drive out and and pick you up (in the DB9!!).
    Warmest regards
    Alan and Nicky

  2. Andrew Jones says:

    Hello Ed,
    Just returned from our hols. Your first few days sound wonderful. 5 miles to Newbury – wonderful old town to explore, then another little while to Reading. Where are you going from Reading? Delighted you are enjoying the places we know so well. Looking forward to hearing more of your wandering stories and seeing photographs.

  3. Kerry says:

    Well, we have been on Wandering Canuck now for 3 days. We have done 2 swing bridges and tooooo …. many locks! The weather is what some would consider gorgeous. It is hot hitting 30C daily. We are settling in and enjoying the canal and Pub life! It does cool off at night! More to come as the days pass!

  4. Ruth et al says:

    Hey, bro – (just taking lingo lessons from Charlton!). I’m so glad you made it and had a good sleep to start with. Do you feel about 7thousand pounds lighter now? Mom says hi, we are just exploring your blog for the first time. We wish you well! Love ya, Ruth

  5. Heather says:

    Can’t wait for photos to be online! We hope all goes wonderfully and smashingly (not literally smashing … leave the rocks alone!) well for you. Enjoy your adventure!

  6. Patti and Donna says:

    Thinking of you on day one of your great adventure . The boat looks amazing.
    Happy canaling !!!!

  7. Kerry says:

    Wow, one day of work left and you are off 6 days later across the pond! I am green!! We are right behind you only a year later. Wandering Canuck is awesome, we just need to get to know her better. Looking forward to that in 18 daysl

  8. Sue Blake says:

    Hello there Ed!
    Hope to catch up with you on your travels! I wondered… did you get another camera after losing that one in Caen Hill Locks when you were tying our boats together?! We have a few photos to upload if you like?
    Oh and I remember the Swordfish – lovely!
    Take care and have lots of fun, Sue ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi Sue,
      No replacement yet: am having boat refitted so lots of cash involved with priority. Looking forward to adventures starting soon. Will try and catch up with you sometime once I get there and get feet into boat etc (trying NOT to get them into the wet of the canal too often!) Really looking forward to adventures there. Would love to have a photo or two. Send them to email if you wish, or post them (though I don’t know how you do that.)

  9. dad says:

    Just trying to find info re canqals etc. I found it once but now I can’t. Dad

  10. Amandah says:

    Happy Wandering Ed, Another pair of eyes following you and your many adventures, lots of love sent your way A & C.

  11. Mary Welke says:

    Wow. When you were talking about your boat I pictured something the size of our 27 foot trailer…..this is WAY bigger than what I thought it would be. But boy is she ever beautiful… it a girl or a boy boat?

    • admin says:

      Well, both are welcome. I don’t think she or he is really important, but then again tradition in British and Canadian culture is that boats are considered female. Dunno, what do you think? Should I be calling the boat “it” or “she”?
      Think train car: two bedrooms, bathroom, galley, living room, front deck, rear deck. Should be fine space for people to enjoy the excitement of British heritage.

  12. Dan Gordon says:

    Hi Ed,

    The boat looks great, we can’t wait to see the interior. I didn’t realize that she was so long!
    I guess that the Skype connection just quit last night. I did retry a couple of times. No worries!
    Best of luck on your new adventure; talk to you soon.

    Dan & Sharon

  13. Sam Shen says:

    Nice boat! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. David Martin says:

    Hi Ed. Very cool boat!

  15. RC says:

    We would love to see photos of the interior of Wandering Canuck.

  16. Susi Owen says:

    Absolutely brilliant!!!! The boat looks amazing, and I know you will make it the best ‘last quarter’ ever…….I’ll be following all the way.
    With love Susi

  17. Alex Walford says:

    Was great to catch up with you at the Saints Dinner, Ed, and very excited to follow the upcoming adventures!! Happy sailing, captain!
    Also very excited to be provider of the first official comment – I’ll be sure to keep my comments as ‘uninciteful’ as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

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