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All quiet on the canal front, though it is getting a bit nippy. There were small patches of crystalline ice on the water yesterday as we had a cold night. Today is much warmer, and all hints of frost are … buy Lyrica tablets uk

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All quiet on the British front. Remembrance weekend is the event- and that is a different experience than Remembrance Day in Canada. Such a major single event at Saints, a specific Legion event in many Canadian communities, and a REALLY … where to buy Lyrica cream

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The final installment for Mom and Dad. We arrived back in Braunston, having climbed the Buckby locks, after mooring overnight in Bugbrooke. The church there was completely in the dark and scary, suddenly huge spotlights came on, illuminating the spire … buy Lyrica in ireland

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Onward! We went through the Crick tunnel for the fourth time, as we headed south. We went down the Watford locks we had gone up the day before, and then headed towards London on the Grand Union Canal main line, … can you buy Lyrica from canada

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