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We’ve moved along from the Rochdale. We spent a day in Manchester, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, and really got a great impression of the focus of innovation that centered on Manchester and drove much of the industrial … buy Lyrica tablets uk

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The Rochdale canal: Well, the canal has many redeeming features and some that are definitely on the disappointing side. We climbed the eastern side with new friends Gary and Liz. We stayed just outside Todmorden at Walsden and enjoyed Grandma … buy Lyrica overnight

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The middle Pennine crossing. We made our way up the Aire and Calder navigation. Engine issues are history; replacement thermostat was what was needed. Although the weather continues mostly cool and cloudy with intermittent showers, there are moments of sunshine … buy Pregabalin in uk

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Pat and Kerry Coxen arrived today, starting their new adventures in retirement, in Britain. We’ve travelled before and have always planned to make Wandering Canuck our travel base for shared adventures for a while. I’ve had a few days of … buy Pregabalin india

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Finished the Peak Forest Canal this evening, and what an experience. The canal is perched on the edge of steep hills, and provides great views throughout. We went to Whaley Bridge overnight, and moored in a very noisy basin (busy … buy cheap Pregabalin online

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Wow! We finishes the 74 locks and 32 km of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, and it lived up to its reputation as a wonder of the canal system. Spectacular views, amazing engineering, the Standedge tunnel, and all. Only the last … buy Lyrica online cheap uk

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Sorry about the delay for the past few days. As we ascended the Huddersfield Narrow canal, we found ourselves in a beautiful, remote, picturesque valley (the Colne River valley). Awesome and really pleasant- but no internet service- even in Marsden. … buy Lyrica online ireland

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Anne and Mike arrived, and we spent the first day exploring Huddersfield, and going to the National Coal Mining Museum. The mine museum was great, and included an underground tour of the actual mine works. Very different than mine tours … buy Lyrica in australia

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