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Wow, it has been a while, and loyal followers, I apologize. I am on the north east coast of England, having made the journey in September along the coast from Eyemouth, to Amble, then to Newcastle, stopping at Blythe overnight. … order Pregabalin online uk

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Scotland (and Canada!) To Oban in the rain and fog… We moored at the marina, which is actually on Kerrera Island, just across the bay from Oban town. There is a marina ferry regularly, and we alternately explored Kerrera Island … cheap Lyrica australia

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Northern Ireland We crossed from the Isle of Man, passing a square-rigged sailing ship that had sailed into the harbour the night before, full sails, then fired a saluting gun, and moored along the breakwater wall. An impressive sight. The … buy Lyrica belfast

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Wales: I departed Neyland at first light with Steve aboard as crew, on May 10. We made a long day of the passage around St. David’s Head, and across Cardigan Bay to Aberystwyth. It was a good day, with calm … can you buy Lyrica over the counter

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Wales: After spending time in Swansea, I left the harbour at 0530 to make the tide, on my way to Milford Haven. Tom joined me as my willing (?) crew, and we set out, locking out the night before to … can i buy Lyrica online

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Cornwall I made the trek to Falmouth and settled there for a week or so to await crew for the major excursion to Penzance, around Land’s End, and eventually to Wales. Falmouth was a very good place to spend a … buy Lyrica dubai

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Well, the next year of exploration begins. After a wonderful winter’s mooring in Plymouth, with excursions to Canada for Christmas, and Rwanda to visit my sister in February, coupled with an amazing ringing community in and around Plymouth, I have … Lyrica to buy

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There hasn’t been much happening with the boat and myself, though I did have the opportunity to travel back to Canada in December to visit friends and family. However, today, boat things started happening again, in a big way. I … buy Lyrica online usa

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Hello faithful followers. My apologies for the infrequent posts of late. I am still moored in Plymouth, and ringing my little hands off, with visits to many of the local towers. I’ve been to St. Andrews Minster, Emmanuel, St. Budeaux, … buy Lyrica 75 mg

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Hi folks. Sorry I have been negligent in posting as often as I should to keep you updated. However, there isn’t all that much new in my world! I’ve spent about a month at Weir Quay on the River Tamar, … purchase Lyrica from canada

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