July 20 & 21

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Shark attack by bike?

We departed Kintbury after I spent some time exploring this quaint village. Nothing spectacular or particularly memorable, but still quietly peaceful and relaxing. Arrived in Newbury after a short journey, and decided to spend the afternoon dealing with a few things. Haircut, a few parts, bike wrench, window sealant: the usual sorts of things inherent in setting up a new living experience. After dinner (an epic BBQ on a portable foil BBQ that i would NOT recommend to anyone!), we went to the local marketplace pub, and there was obviously something being set up in the market square. We asked and received the reply” Well there are sometimes entertainers that come, some times from the continent. They are even good sometimes. Dunno what is on tonight, but we are waiting…” Very interesting. We waited for an hour, and there were about 250 people around the square,. We asked what time, and were told 2145h. We waited until 2215 or so, and decided to bail. The wind was up, and (finally) it was significantly cooler in the evening. As we wandered back towards the boat, we encountered absolute throngs of people lining the street. We could hardly move. Pat and Kerry got separated from me, and I ended up on a bridge railing, where I took some iPhone photos of the event. These creatures were propelled by bikes underneath, complete with gas generators, flares, searchlights, and loud music. Very different and entertaining.

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fish on a stick- propelled and lit by the bike underneath2013-07-20 22.17.38

jelly fishes : do they sting?

jelly fishes: do they sting?

dad says: July 21, 2013 at 11:35 pm (Edit) Hi. dad said just type in what i like so icecream six kids 13 grand kids and 5greatgrands for a start is that okay or maybe you didn’t know about Anne’s new grands born a week ago – Tatum(girl ) 3lb 15oz @ 5:30 am & Michael! 4lb 8oz @ 5:58 & Savannah walking around in a couple of hours. Enter Dad Garden doing well in fact it’s a jungle with lots of peas,potatoes, beet greens,lettuce, raspberries,rhubarb,some asparagus!



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