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Buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery - Buy Pregabalin online usa

Well, the Thames was certainly different. We steamed from Reading north along the broad, and sometimes very busy river. A very large number of hired cruisers, with lots of family groups. They appeared to be having a great time, as were we. Weather continue amazing, though it finally rained Wednesday night. A thoroughly soaking rain, that was welcome by all. Cleared the air, made grass instantly less brown and crispy, and would be really good for farms.

Wallingford street scene

Wallingford street scene

We stayed overnight in Wallingford. A VERY quaint and interesting town, with a great deal of history. There are well preserved Saxon ruins (really a large berm around an open field) and a very large castle destroyed by Cromwell in the 1600′s. That was culturally interesting, of not spectacular to see, but the town was very well preserved. The George Hotel dates from the 1500′s and is a collection of various buildings sort-of attached and made into this hotel. Great pub. We walked all over, and enjoyed both the exercise and the sights.

Almost all that is left of Wallingford Castle, sacked by Cromwell

Yesterday we steamed north again, heading for Oxford. We stopped in Abingdon, on recommendations as even better than Wallingford. Not what we found, and were disappointed. However, we might have missed something, as we had to get moving. Boat licenses on the Thames are VERY expensive, and so we decided to get to the Oxford Canal, off the Thames. Made for a long day (arrived at 2015h), but immediately found mooring, and then were off for supper.

Kathy says: July 27, 2013 at 3:59 am (Edit) Hallo! Great to read of your travels so far…wishing you warm days, cool nights, interesting pubs, historical sites, and many new friends! I need a map to trace your wanderings. Love ya, Kathy and Dan

sue blake says: July 26, 2013 at 4:34 pm (Edit) Lovely weather for boating! Glad you are enjoying it so far, Oxford already?! I’ll learn more about English history by following you than I ever learnt at school.

Buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery - Buy Pregabalin online usa

retired independent school teacher from Canada
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