December 11

Hello faithful followers. My apologies for the infrequent posts of late.

a special autumn day in Plymouth Harbour.

a special autumn day in Plymouth Harbour.

I am still moored in Plymouth, and ringing my little hands off, with visits to many of the local towers. I’ve been to St. Andrews Minster, Emmanuel, St. Budeaux, Laira, Tavistock, Walkhampton and Pillaton. I’ve been working hard to master change methods up to Bob Triples, plus working with the call changes that are so important in Devon.

Ive spent some considerable time trying to make my boat work properly: there are a number of continuing issues partly related to the useage over the past years, and the very different expectations that I have for the boat. New bilge pump systems, plumbing, electrics, and, in the near future, new canopy and deck. A never-ending project, I think.

I have taken a break from all of the above, however, and am in Canada for the annual Christmas seasonal visiting of family and friends. While Britain continues to intrigue and provide moments of wonder and challenge, it is good to be back among the many friends and family I have in Canada.

I hope you all have the very best Christmas season: to recall the true meanings of Christmas; to spend time with loved ones; and to remember why we have this festive season. Merry Christmas to all.

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I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my Dutch cruiser in France. I'm touring as much of the canals and river systems as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been. I did spend 5 years on first a narrowboat, and then this boat, in Britain.
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