2 April

Well, the next year of exploration begins.


cutting timber the Rwandan way


a massive tea plantation, from the processing plant


part of Kigali city


a primary school across from Munkittrick’s home

After a wonderful winter’s mooring in Plymouth, with excursions to Canada for Christmas, and Rwanda to visit my sister in February, coupled with an amazing ringing community in and around Plymouth, I have had a good winter experience.

I’ve rung is a wide variety of towers, including Bere Ferrers ( a Devon call-change tower that has bells in three layers to enable cramming a ring of 6 into such a small tower, and the home tower of Steve and Sally, who were so kind to me as I started in this area), Emmanuel (with the amazing tower captain (Alena Wardle) who has an entourage of everyone from older people to a whole group of enthusiastic young, university folk) and as far as Exeter Cathedral, with the second heaviest ring of bells in the world. I also rang in every tower in the area, including the challenging bells of St Andrews, the light bells of Stoke cialisfrance24.com Damerel, and the energetic community of St Budeaux. I had an amazing time with all of the ringers who made me feel so welcome and part of a community.

And now, onward. I am looking to go around most of the UK this year, with a side excursion to Ireland along the way. I made my way to Falmouth yesterday, with calm seas, fair winds and glorious sunshine. I will be moored here for a bit and explore Cornwall, before I move on. Do follow my adventures if you will.



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