July 1

Happy Canada Day.

Celebrate Canada Day!

Celebrate Canada Day!

Yesterday’s post was all about me and the trip. Today, a History lesson.


Fortress Naarden from the air. note the extensive water defenses


mowing the ramparts- using a remote control mower!


an invader’s view


using the old defenses (against the 100 kids there today?)


view from the ramparts across a WW1 mortar position, and the invaders beyond


some original defense works, now artists’ studios

Naarden has been an important spot for the defense of the area since the 14th century (and probably before that as well). The center of the city is a very well preserved(and restored) star fort, which was built (and rebuilt), and using water as a significant part of the defenses. The city remains within the star fortress, and there are extensive underground passages and buildings, within the walls. Some are museum, but many are preserved,  and in modern use. It is a very interesting place- a combination of living museum, preserved past, and modern uses. The museum allows exploring the inner defenses, some dating from Napoleon, and others added during WW1. A very interesting exploration, though I’d probably have gotten more from the presentation had I been able to read the descriptions. There was an informative film describing the fortress’ role in the inundation plans for the defense of the Netherlands, up to, and including the Cold War of the 1950’s and 60’s.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Great way to spend Canada Day – so interesting.

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