Oct 19

Hi folks.

Sorry I have been negligent in posting as often as I should to keep you updated. However, there isn’t all that much new in my world!

I’ve spent about a month at Weir Quay on the River Tamar, north of Plymouth. Here, I have had major engine work done- new main crankshaft bearing seal, new alternator, and seawater cooling pump bracket. All part of having an older complex machine, and having made it work in different ways than the previous owner.

I had a great month: mostly supported by a local couple, Sally and Steve, who ‘adopted’ me and shared their ringing experiences, squiring me around to towers in Walkhampton, Whitchurch, and their local tower at Bere Ferrers. I met a young lady (about 90!) who is a friend of a friend of my parents in Canada. She toured me to Dartmoor, where we spent a delightful afternoon in a moor pub. I did the usual trips for food and all, but that was complicated by having to use the dinghy every time as I was on a swinging mooring in the middle of the river. I am much more confident and adept at navigating the dinghy at night, in the wind, and against tidal streams!

I have moved on to a mooring in a marina within Plymouth, as I am looking forĀ  long-term mooring for the winter, and further boat refurbishment. I’ve met some ringers here, having rung in Plymstock and Brixton (call-changes only), and Plymouth Minster (a very heavy 10, ringing all sorts of things, with me on the 1.5 tonne tenor!). I’m still awaiting responses for quotes on the refurbishment and moorings, and will advise.


placid mooring on a buoy on the River Tamar (not always this lovely!)


the viaduct for the Tamar line of the railway, at Calstock


Dartmoor from the garden of the inn where I had a delightful afternoon with Sally Mulford

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I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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