May 8

I had a good day in Brugge- and will fill you in on the parade/procession when I get a good wifi day.

I left Brugge as part of a convoy: this is how they avoid lifting the bridges randomly and snarling traffic completely. Tail-end-charlie- but that is lots better than having someone breathing down the back.

a convoy of boats...

a convoy of boats…

Then, on to Gent. This was a little disconcerting, as I discovered that the guidebook I have, doesn’t have this canal – or the one to Antwerp! New guidebook time!  The canal is very wide, has lots of heavy boats, and ones that IZeeschelde canal2 try to stay away from!

I over-nighted in a remote marina in Gent, as the city center ones needed pre-clearance and there were bridge issues.  So, getting onto the Zeeschelde ship canal this morning, I left at the top of the tide ( a huge lock separates the tidal section below Gent), and made my way at ebb-tide reinforced speed towards Antwerp.  I really motored along (reminds me of a trip to York with exciting times for me and the crew!). Then as I approached Antwerp, the tide changed, and now I was barely moving- so up the revs on the engine, and make my way along the HUGE river/seaway. Very industrial, with lots of docks and big ships and nowhere for little people like me…

approach to Antwerp

approach to Antwerp

Antwerp2 I arrived in Antwerp, and the lock was being prepared, so that was amazing! However, I had to wait in the lock for 90 min for the scheduled opening of the lift bridge in the Willemdok, where I was to spend the night. Not a problem, the weather was good, and the moorings in the dock helped cope with the rather strong breezes on this glorious afternoon. I am so lucky!

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