June 2

We spent a second day in Amsterdam, particularly to see the Rijksmuseum, and to do a canal trip.

The canal trip was good: we good a great commentator, and were in a very low air-draft boat, so went through canals my boat would never make it through. The traffic elsewhere reinforced my decision to leave my boat outside the city, and travel in by train.

How many bridges can you see?

How many bridges can you see?

not a lot of alternatives to visit these places!

not a lot of alternatives but boat to visit these places!



The Rijksmuseum was a festival of visual art, which is something I don’t appreciate as much as I wish I did. I did enjoy especially the model ships of all ages, and the glorious age of sail from a Dutch perspective.

DSC07728b DSC07733b





We also wandered about again, and found a few special buildings. There are many I have observed, whose foundations have failed in various ways, leaving sagging floors or leaning buildings.

'character' buildings

‘character’ buildings



Today, we moved on along the Vecht River, and are moored for the night in a small village Loenen. As we left Weesp, we had to pay a toll for the bridges, and this is done into a wooden shoe on a pole. Pat’s responsibilities aboard include this task!

paying bruggeld in the traditional way

paying bruggeld in the traditional way


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