May 5

Canal from Plassendale to Brugge was larger and very quiet, until I met a convoy of 20 boats close together. This is because they only raise the bridges for convoys of boats- and when I arrived, no convoy, so I had to wait for more than an hour. No big deal: the weather is finally great. The convoy posed a real nuisance for a single rower as the wakes built up. He was upset and bailing constantly. He waved nicely to me as I crept by with little wake.

a different type of swing bridge

a different type of swing bridge

the main bridge I had to wait for

the main bridge I had to wait for

Brugge canal- but only for tourist tour boats

Brugge is a wonderful place where I’ve been before by car, and shared time there with both my family and with friends. My daughter and I climbed both bell towers and enjoyed the carillon. Probably one of my first major ‘bell-infections’!


windmill near city walls of Brugge

After making the arrival into the city-center mooring area, I was informed that there was a big parade starting shortly. I hurried into the main square, and found a vantage point. There will be lots more in the next posting about this event, with lots of pictures.

I’m spending the next day visiting and re-visiting Brugge. Then, on to Ghent.

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