Sept 26

Pat and Kerry Coxen arrived today, starting their new adventures in retirement, in Britain. We’ve travelled before and have always planned to make Wandering Canuck our travel base for shared adventures for a while. I’ve had a few days of rain, mist and unsettled weather since Anne and Mike left, but P&K brought the sunshine again. Thanks goodness for guests and people to bring the sun!

Yesterday I made the odyssey to fetch the car from Huddersfield. I took the train that ran right along the canal I had travelled over the past 2 weeks. Quite a different perspective at 100mph! I went through Standedge tunnel, in minutes rather than the 1.5h by boat! I then drove back across the moors above the tunnels, in the fog, mist and wind. It really made the moors have a wild atmospheric feel!


the Cheshire plain from Mow Cop looking north

We shopped and prepped for the journey ahead, deciding that going south on the Trent and Mersey made the most sense at this time. Therefore, the Harecastle tunnel is next on the adventure list! We also drove to the top of Mow (rhymes with cow) Cop, where there is a folly built in the 18th century. It is a fake ruin, built by Randle Wilberham. It is also the site where the Primitive Methodists were founded. Strange, but spectacular views of the Cheshire plain, and with the Welsh hills in the far distance. A great beginning to our adventures.

Mow Cop rocks with the Cheshire plain in the background

Mow Cop rocks with the Cheshire plain in the background


the imitation ruins on Mow Cop with Pat and Kerry


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