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Not a great deal of excitement, though some new places I’ve visited. I rang (but just with the light 6) with the York Minster people: very intimidating, with a heavy ring of 12. Still haven’t rung in a 12 when … Pregabalin to buy uk

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York. An historic city with lots to do and see. The moorings are poor: concrete ledges to bang up against, no flood protection and few moorings available- and those have restaurant boats, commercial moorings or long term squatters… An opportunity … buy Lyrica medicine

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Leeds. An ‘interesting’ mooring in the basin called Clarence Dock. We were right beside the Armouries Museum, which has the most fantastic collections of weapons I’ve seen. The basin in vaguely reminiscent of Liverpool, but with only visitor mooring for … buy Lyrica belfast

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A very long day yesterday, with a number of canal-related issues. There was a 3h wait at the Bingley staircase locks. Then, they are so leaky, the boat was repeatedly flooded by the leaking water onto the back deck. Then, … buy Lyrica in canada

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A great couple of days. We spent Saturday going to the market in Skipton, then to the Skipton Castle, nestled at the top of the high street. The castle is privately owned,and was extensively restored from 1956- 1987. A significant … buy pfizer Lyrica online

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A wonderful start to Ruth and Roy’s canal experience. The weather is perfect: sunny, warm, yet a breeze to keep from being stuffy or too hot. We moved from Burnley to the summit of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, then … buy Lyrica 150 mg online

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Fast crew change. Daniel and Nikki have gone on to their adventures and Ruth and Roy Hewitt arrived (late but safely). We did a baby cruise through Burnley to The Wharf pub, where we enjoyed traditional pub meals (hunter chicken, … buy generic Pregabalin

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The weather had to break, and it did with a vengance. Torrential thunderstorms overnight, then steady rain through the day. The new canopy proved it’s worth, keeping a great deal of the wet out. We returned to Burnley, again doing … buy Lyrica mexico

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On this special memories day for me, I think back to the introduction to canal life, and sharing that with others. I hope that I can continue to do that with those that would care to experience that which I … buy Lyrica 75 mg

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A laid back kind of day. Rang this morning for sunday services here in Worsley: they have a 10, but someone had broken a couple of ropes, so there were issues. We rang just the inside 5 today (there were … buy Lyrica generic

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