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Buy Lyrica 50 mg - Buy Lyrica 75 mg online

York. An historic city with lots to do and see.

The moorings are poor: concrete ledges to bang up against, no flood protection and few moorings available- and those have restaurant boats, commercial moorings or long term squatters… An opportunity missed for York.

We toured the York Castle museum, a former debtors prison and long-time part of the legal system of Yorkshire. Lots of well-done recreations of rooms, scenes, and collections of objects in place, rather than just laid out in cabinets.

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streets decorated for the Tour de France,with the Minster in the background

We walked the city walls, and paused, under an archway of the city walls for a late afternoon downpour- the first encountered. A good overview of the inner city. We wandered through the Shambles, a VERY old area, recently (?) renovated in 1490, to add modern conveniences like paving stones and gutters to carry away stuff… The history is SO long!

Pregabalin to buy uk

the Shambles: old street in York

buy Lyrica

replica street in the York Castle Museum, about 1905

buy Pregabalin 300 mg online

chemist’s shop in York Castle Museum

Sunday was a major running road race through the city, but that was delayed in starting so we missed all of it! We listened to the bells of the Minster ring (12- heavy and too intimidating for me!). The tenor is 3 tonnes. They also have a carillon we heard before evensong, and the clock chimes are in a different tower, with ‘Great Peter’; an 11 tonne bell that is used to strike the hour and chimed before Sunday 10am service. It can be heard throughout the inner city, everywhere. We attended the morning service, then did a full tour in the afternoon, including climbing the central tower and going through the undercroft. York was the most important Roman fortress, where the Emperor Constantine was elected, and which laid the foundations (literally, figuratively, and financially) for York. A very informative and interesting visit in all aspects.

Ruth and Roy depart tomorrow morning for the rest of their adventures, and I will continue on mine aboard the Wandering Canuck.

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York Minster: a very large, impressive Gothic building.

buy Lyrica tablets

York Minster flying buttresses

buy Lyrica overnight

York Minster bell towers: the carillon and change ringing bells in the left hand tower, with Great Peter and the rest of the clock bells in the right

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York city walls

Buy Lyrica 50 mg - Buy Lyrica 75 mg online

I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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Buy Lyrica 50 mg - Buy Lyrica 75 mg online

  1. Sheila Gibbs says:

    I’d love to visit York because of its incredibly long history. Again, thanks for the pics.

  2. Dad says:

    thankyou for your update. We arrived home on Monday the 18th. after three weeks of touring and are glad to be home. Have not talked to R&R much – even when at Wallace Pond. Too many people to sit down with them much. Likely will in the next few days. Glad you are having such an adventure. Statue of Canadian trekers will not stay long. Recent renovations of 1490 seem rather outdated.
    blessings Dad

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