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Buy Pregabalin 300 mg cheap, Buy Pregabalin online eu

Happy Halloween to all.

Sorry about the break in postings, but… We’ve been to Market Harborough, and that was fine, though we had to moor outside the basin as it was full. We left there on a fine morning, and made our way back to Foxton, stopping there at the Black Horse, where I had a reprise of the finest ploughman’s lunch. We had stopped there in 2007, and I had my first ploughman’s lunch ever. It was amazing, and the memory stayed with me. I wondered if the experience would be as good now- and although there are different owners, the meal was every bit as magic as I remember.

We made it up the Foxton lock flight with no issues, but the heavens opened up at lock 8, so we finished, moored immediately above the locks, and discovered NO phone service. Next morning, we moved on along the Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal. Very rural, great views and a wonderful day, finishing in Crick. No internet there either. Today, moved down the Watford Flight of locks (that are closing for 3 weeks starting Monday!), and on to Braunston. 2 long tunnels, 9 narrow locks, 6 wide ones, and the warmest Oct. 31 I can remember. A very special day to be on the waterways.  We also have phone and internet service, so I can again keep in touch with all of you faithful readers who follow along. I’ll be posting a bunch of archive photos from our travels, and hope you can enjoy some of the sights we’ve encountered.

order Pregabalin online uk

Pat and Kerry revisiting travel under Pat’s Bridge- on the Grand Union Canal

buy Lyrica online from mexico

trying to catch up with the boat after the Foxton swing bridge, before I am abandoned

Pregabalin to buy uk

Market Harborough arm- Oct 30!

buy Lyrica

can you see the smile on my face?

buy Pregabalin 300 mg online

blue skies, sunny days and 19 degrees- Oct 30!

where to buy Lyrica cream

Foxton staircase locks

Buy Pregabalin 300 mg cheap, Buy Pregabalin online eu

I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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Buy Pregabalin 300 mg cheap, Buy Pregabalin online eu

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