Sept 9

Arrived in Huddersfield after a really gruelling day: only 11 locks on the Calder and Hebble and Huddersfield Wide, but they are really heavy, slow, and VERY tight for my 60′ boat (I knew that- they are advertized at 57’6″- but a 60′ boat should fit). Mine did, but not without all fenders taken off, and scrunch the boat into the front gates to allow the rear gates to close. Takes lots of effort to maneuver the boat AND do the lock work, supposedly at the same time.

However, the day was not raining nor windy, so an enjoyable day. Exceptionally varied scenery: the C&H is alternating river (wide, green ‘tunnel’) and canal cut (much narrower, but vistas of everything from massive green fields, hills (this is now in a valley), and industrial works.

I had tried to ring in Mirfield, but they were still on summer break. I did get a chance to see the ringing room, though, and they have 10 bells, with Yorkshire tails. This is a peculiar type of rope but with an additional Sally (the woolen furry thing). Supposedly assists with grasping the end of the rope, but most people I talk to don’t like them. I have no opinion: I haven’t used them yet. I was able to ring last night in Lindley (915kg tenor with 8 bells). They have no Yorkshire tails. A small ringing room, but VERY friendly and supportive people. Rang a lot of plain hunt on 8, which I haven’t done for a while. Really great pub fellowship afterwards.

Today is prep for company day; my sister and brother-in-law arrive, and I’ll fetch them from Manchester airport. A good day all-round! Then, it is up the big hill of the southern Pennines on the Huddersfield Narrow (narrow but long locks- yeah!) I hope to have lots of pics for all to enjoy.

Stanley Ferry old aquaduct. Inspiration for Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Stanley Ferry old aquaduct. Inspiration for Sydney Harbour Bridge?


Yorkshire tails on bellropes in Mirfield

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  1. Sheila Gibbs says:

    We went sailing on Lake Okanagan with Siebe yesterday & thought of you and the close confines of your boat.

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