August 27

Sheffield. A city really trying to re-invent itself, as the city changes from the industrial steel-making centre to a cosmopolitan university city, with industries that are sustainable (and not so polluting!).

The trip into Sheffield was up the Tinsley flight of locks. These are broad locks, but short like so many in the north. I just fit! The lock-keepers assist in travel through the flight, and each lock is padlock-secured, with keys that only the lock-keepers can use. A little intimidating for mooring the boat! However, all was well, and I moored in Sheffield Victoria Quays. This is a restored basin, and has more, secure, and pleasant moorings than Manchester.

I met a couple, who, like many Britons, asked where I was from, and then said (like many)  “My wife is from Canada- where are you from?” The conversation then usually goes “do you know XXX? I think they are from Ontario…” There is really just no concept of how large Canada really is buy many that I meet. In this case, though, the lady turns out to be from Viking, Alberta, about 60km from where I went to High School. No, I had never met her, nor her family. However 60 km is next door in Canada!

Got a chance to ring in my second tower of 12; call changes, but much more comfortable than the first time. The cathedral is a very eclectic mix of old and very new architecture, with one tower old (with the bells) and another, stainless steel, that is very modern. The look doesn’t appeal to me.

Also spent part of a day visiting with Matt Moss, a former student from BCS days. He is a solicitor, and works with a firm that does a great deal of work in Switzerland. Matt (and family) are contemplating moving there, but sticker shock on housing is making the choices difficult. It was great to reconnect with someone from that part of my career.

After touring around Sheffield, including the extensive market, I spent a rainy day working in the boat, and have now come back down the locks, to Rotherham. There is an interesting ‘church-on-a-bridge’, but it is closed so there wasn’t much to see. I’ll move along, back down towards Doncaster and car retrieval.

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I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my Dutch cruiser in France. I'm touring as much of the canals and river systems as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been. I did spend 5 years on first a narrowboat, and then this boat, in Britain.
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