August 14

I’ve enjoyed North Yorkshire greatly. There is so much history (from before the Romans, through the Vikings, and then ‘modern’ history of the English since 1066 or thereabouts. The museum (Yorkshire Museum) in York presents this very well, and there many artifacts that illustrate the great length of the historical past.

The weather has been somewhat less settled for the past week, after the remnants of Hurricane Berth blew through. Many showers made navigation less comfortable (and I’ve been spoiled since April!), and the accompanying winds (less common here) have made navigation more tricky. However, I’m back in Selby, having come down the Ouse River from York on the highest tide of the year. With guidance from the lock keeper at Selby, I turned from running with the ebb tide, back upstream, then entered Selby lock. Nary a bump or a scrape, but the experience wasn’t without some moments of concern.


chemists’ shop, replicated in the York Castle Museum


York street scene, also replicated in the museum

I’ll spend a day here, hopefully ringing in Selby Abbey tonight, then back across the Selby Canal to the River Aire.

The street scene was very cool, as the lighting and sound effects played through a whole day in about 30 minutes. Candles in the windows, rooster crowing, thunderstorm, newsboys in the morning. All very well done.

the Shambles: old street in York

the Shambles: old street in York

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  1. Steve and Sandi says:

    Been travelling with you in spirit, as you explore the great north country! Are you still hacked out of hotmail? Is this the only way to communicate with you now?

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