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“we’re on the road again” Well- not exactly the road, and not so much we, but I am again cruising, having completed most of the boat work , and said my goodbyes to the wonderful friends that I have made in the Braunston/Daventry area.

I am headed north, up the Grand Union Canal to just past Warwick, where I will join the northern part of the Stratford canal, and then make my way through Bourneville (where Cadbury makes their confections). Then through Birmingham, and on to tackle the Wolverhampton flight of locks. That will make 3 major flights (sets) of locks within a week (Hatton 21 heavy double locks Saturday, The Lapworth 21 narrow locks at the start of the Stratford canal section, and then the Wolverhampton ones.). Nothing like starting the season with a little get-in-shape exercise. Yesterday we went down the Stratton locks, and today just 12 along the canal. All part of the canal cruising experience. I will try and get a pic or two of these flights of locks.

I also intend to plot my path on the first link under the photo of my boat: Interactive Canal Map. Here you can zoom in to approximate area (from info I provide here) and see where I really am.

The weather today is a perfect spring day. A little cool in the morning, but by noon, the sun had warmed everything. The leaves are popping out everywhere, the cherry trees are in bloom, and the rapeseed planted last fall is beginning to bloom. Yellow fields in mid-April are a very different sight!

I want to thank all the people of Braunston and area for the kindnesses they have extended through the winter. I’ve felt a welcome part of the community, and learned a great deal about Britain and its history and culture- what I really came to Britain to learn. I’ve had a very special time and especially in the bell-ringing world, felt very luck to have met such wonderful people.

Now- Sunday will bring new parts of the canal system, and I am very excited!

Buy Lyrica medicine, Buy Lyrica in dubai

I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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