Oct 28

Lots to report, but first, thanks to all who post replies or comments. I appreciate your interest and input!

The church in Hartshill was a surprise. The interior was enormous, white, with a false ceiling, installed in the late 1930’s. Very startling and different from the Victorian exterior. Very friendly and welcoming folk there.

A large storm of hurricane proportions was forecast for Sunday night, so we decided to find a well sheltered part of the canal for the evening. I knew of a well sheltered space that I have been to previously (and posted pictures- see Oct 19.), but we were just too far up the canal to get there, so found a place just outside Nuneaton. Storm didn’t materialize until about midnight, then lots of rain and wind- we felt the rain, but only heard the wind- such was the protection offered by the trees and hedges along that part of the canal.

Off we went this morning, and the canal was bursting full of water (the automatic level control run-off places in full use). The weather was blustery and rainy, but our waterproofs worked, and we had no issues, making very good time. We arrived back in Braunston, just as the light from the sun faded into the cloudless sky. Moored up, and then prepared to go to the local pub for supper, in the now dark evening. Dad stepped out of the boat, saw the streetlight, and made for that. Unfortunately, the light was on the opposite side of the canal, and we have definite proof that he has not yet mastered the skill of walking on the waters yet. We fished him out, and the only casualty was his hat which floated away until he reminded me of that, and I saw it going down for the third time. Glad that was only his hat, though!

The Old Plow pub was a warm and welcome place to have our evening meal.

Tonight is a clear, starry sky night: that fall image that is so welcome after a storm. Reminds me of those nights, far from towns and lights, that are so special: crisp fall air, geese flying south (Canada geese- bet the Brits wish we had kept them at home!), and clear starry skies. A great end to a great day of fall canal travels.

About Ed Mortimer

I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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3 Responses to Oct 28

  1. Gillian Smith says:

    Hi Ed – so glad you survived the storm! We landed in London just hours ahead of it Believe it or not we are in Leicester right now – just for a few days. You were in Braunston?! Would love to know where you are now. We are on a “family duty” trip for a few days but wanted to touch base!

    Love the blog – love the photos!

    All our love,

    Russell and Gillian

    PS Mini is marvelous!!!! Am thrilled!!!!

  2. Clare says:

    Dear Ed, Chuck, and Lois,
    So glad that you survived the hurricane which, of course, has been blown out of proportion in the NA media.

  3. Sheila says:

    I’m glad you were safely stowed when the storm hit….I was hoping you were a good Boy Scout and were prepared. Please inform Dad that I have lots of hats here that he can have but he shouldn’t go throwing his willy-nilly into rivers. And what I’d like to know is, did he look both ways before trying to cross the canal? Safety first. (-:

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