May 31

Wales to Liverpool

Bardsey Island from Bardsey Sound

Sorry folks, I’ve had some technical issues, now resolved. I made my way from Pwllheli, single-handing (which in boat terms means with no crew to assist). I was advised by every guide and publication to me especially aware of Bardsey Sound, which is a major tidal ‘pinch-point’ in the Irish Sea. The tide runs sometimes to 8 knots, with 3m standing waves. I was very cautious, and in the event, the transit was through calm waters, with only a little 2 knot push from astern. Too easy!

I made my way around to the tip of Wales at Holyhead, and moored, to the accompaniment of the wash of ferries. Nothing nasty, just no mill-pond smooth.

the westernmost point of Wales at Holyhead

Holyhead harbour on exit

Then, on to Conwy. Another nice journey, though the late afternoon breeze across the lowlands made a cross-chop that wasn’t very comfortable. I arrived up the tortuous channel into Conwy, and was

part of Llandudno from the sea: the longest pier in Wales

advised that the marina was full, so went to the smaller, but accommodating marina in Deganwy. I was able to arrange a ring in Llandudno, and had a chance to observe a rally of about 500 Porche cars along the seafront. Llandudno is certainly a resort town, with a seafront reminiscent of Brighton, with a long pier, and huge beach.

I then cruised through the huge wind farms in the approaches to Liverpool. another nice day, though I had to go very slowly, because of the tidal gates at both ends (Deganwy and Liverpool). I therefore drifted and circled for a while (the AIS track you can examine on the link below the picture shows this apparently confused track). I arrived at Brinswick Lock early, and had to wait for the tide to rise enough to get me into the lock. Up the Lock and into Brunswick Dock where Liverpool marina has been established in the huge old docks, now re-purposed from the major port that used these in pre-container days.

a couple of ‘companions’ on the approach in the Mersey

Liverpool is as vibrant as ever, and I have had fun exploring the city again. Ringing has also been fun, and I’ve collected a couple more towers on my list.

Albert Dock warehouses on the left, with a few landmarks of Liverpool

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