August 8

My daughter, Nicole, arrived, and we are exploring  Chichester, and surroundings.

Yesterday was a field trip to Arundel, which is the home of the Duke of Norfolk. Arundel Castle has long history, and changed sides twice during the civil war. Today, it is open (partly) to the public, but is still used as a private residence by the Duke and his family. I would LOVE to have been a kid here: the places to explore!

Itchenor, a part of Chichester Harbour

Itchenor, a part of Chichester Harbour


Arundel Castle


the foreground is the unique church in Arundel. The left side is the Catholic Chapel, while the right is the local Anglican parish church. In the background is the new (1800’s) Catholic Cathedral


the inner courtyard of Arundel Castle


the ‘floating crown’, in the garden of Arundel Castle

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  1. Ruth Hewitt says:

    Arundel Castle sounds familiar, but I can’t remember where I heard it. Maybe a book?

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