Oct 25

pub-side entertainment, or rural travel methods? Marsworth saturday afternoon

pub-side entertainment, or rural travel methods? Marsworth saturday afternoon

I’ve had good times exploring the Grand Union Canal. The 4 days with Nigel were a bonus, and having someone to reminisce about great times past was special. We toured from Uxbridge to Berkhamsted, where Nigel caught the train: the station was about 50m from the canal, so not to difficult a transition. The only impediment was a pub, but we were able to avoid that (it was noon…). I hung around Berkhamsted for the day, intending to ring with their scheduled practice, but no one showed. Oh well, I didn’t call ahead, so that must be expected that plans change.

I have then continued the journey north. I paused at Marsworth for a day of inclement weather (wind and rain) but yesterday was a glorious autumn day, so I made the best of that and continued on to Leighton Buzzard. Another interesting name… The sun is out again, and I’ll continue this gorgeous cruising opportunity.

Grand Union101

Virginia Creeper makes some of the best colours.

Grand Union102

barge and butty combination in the calm of morning

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  1. Ruth Hewitt says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos! I like the calm one especially!

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