Sept 20

The Thames (continued)

What a week. Not too much boating travel, but a very large amount of boat stuff! Contradiction? Nope: I moved my boat about 6km total, but saw so much in terms of boat knowledge growth (and refurbishment!).

I moved to Reading, and found moorings a challenge, so on to Sonning. However, that didn’t help with re-provisioning the boat nor the trip to Southampton Boat Show, so it was back to Reading the next day, but early enough to get a mooring outside Tesco. Then, off to Southampton by train to the boat show. Ooops: major delays in trains because of a technical fault, so take a different one to Basingstoke, and change there. This one stopped in Mortimer. I almost got off. However, I was on a mission, so on to Southampton boat show.

the show was … underwhelming… yet spectacular. Lots of boats and boaty stuff, but mostly aimed at super yachts, sailing yachts, or serious traditional wooden boats and dinghies. All not my thing. There was a single (1) of the more than 350 boats on display that was a steel-hull, single engine design. Oh well, I got lots of info and promo material for the next boat I build… (NOT!) I did look carefully at these two boats, but think that they may be just a little beyond what I can manage in a difficult mooring situation.

choices? Which one for my next adventure in boating?

choices? Which one for my next adventure in boating?

Then a few boat refurbishment activities in mixed weather. Moments of glorious sunshine and warm temperatures, then cold wind and rain in deluge quantities. Good for staying in a mooring!Thames103

After a misty morning, I rang in Sonning Church (nice 8, they had me start on a bell that was tied, standing… was a surprise as I tried to begin to ring, pulled and NOTHING happened. I thought I was weak, out of practice and incompetent (likely all true, but…)).

Then on to Henley, where moorings, even on stakes in a remote field, are at least 8 pounds. Yecch. I am not used to that! However, re-provisioning is essential, and they practice ringing Monday, so…


About Ed Mortimer

I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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2 Responses to Sept 20

  1. Chris Jackson says:


    What a wonderful expedition you have accomplished over the last two and a half years! I wish I could have spent a couple of days wandering around the canals of England with you! I’ve enjoyed reading many of your updates and seeing your photos along the way. My favorite is your boat cruising down the Thames with HMS Belfast trying to intimidate your passage to London.

    -Chris Jackson

  2. Ruth Hewitt says:

    Hey, Ed- you get the greatest pictures of reflections!

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