Sept 6

An interesting break and then back at boating. I spent the last week helping my friend Nick, and shopping for a boat, round two. It was an interesting time, and I am glad to have had the break while Pat and Kerry were entertaining their friends.

Now, I am back on the boat and enjoying a brilliant day to start. In order to deal with the car and locations and the boat, and Pat and Kerry’s departure, I ended up on my first training run of the fall season, on my road bike. It has been a while, and what a perfect day to have. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm, but not hot, and little wind. I rode from Braunston to Banbury, and my only regret was that the timing didn’t allow me to call in at Braunston to ring, or see the folks at church. I definitely found a few wayward muscles and my sit bones are definitely out of familiarity with the saddle. However, it was a great ride, and I averaged more than 20 km/h which isn’t too bad for an old guy, on his first training ride of this season!

Then, back to boating. I left Oxford, and immediately entered the Thames. What a joy, compared to the other rivers: low banks, clear water, no hassles. It was a glorious return. I only went a short way, looking for moorings, and I found an ideal one, beside a field, straight bank, no shallows, and far from road (train, people, etc) noise. With the clear skies, no fantastic sunset- but magic anyways. I look forward to the stars, and, being at least 5km from anywhere, they should be good! More, with pics, soon!


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I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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