June 24

Pat and Kerry joined me in Bedford, and we set off down the Great Ouse River after a provisioning at Tesco. First stop was St. Neots, where I again moored across from the Priory. We watched rowers, swimmers, and all sorts of cruisers ply the river, and we checked out the town. Then, on to St. Ives, where we encountered the 150 year old local rowing club and their regatta. We waited for the finals of the 8’s, the coxed 4, and singles, then entered the course and won our heat in the heavy boat category. We moored in St. Ives in a mooring called The Waits: well protected, which was fortunate as the rain became a deluge. Sue joined us for tea and Sunday roast, and a chance to catch-up on boating happenings (we met her on our first boating trip in Wandering Canuck, on a very cold trip through the Caen Hill flight of locks).

On from St. Ives, through the tidal section of the river (non-eventful), and then across the canal-ized section of the river towards Ely. We moored in a very remote mooring (well-tended bank, but absolutely nothing else), minutes before a series of intense rain showers. Good timing!

Yesterday, onto the Cam River, towards Cambridge. Moorings are scarce, but we found one behind a series of residential mooring and another series of squatters’ moorings. The visitor moorings are filled with people who have moved from the residential moorings for the week, because there is a large fair (rides, noise, many people, and sometimes issues) beside the river. We are far (Pat would say VERY far) from there, so little impact on us.

We plan to spend 2 days here, and will have some photos. Those of you who wish, I’ve updated the June 19 page to include photos of the Mersey crossing. Enjoy!

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I'm a retired school teacher, now living on my narrowboat in Britain. I'm touring as much of the canal and river system as I can. This blog describes what I do and where I've been
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  1. Ruth says:

    Hey Ed – my friend, Liz Starr, is a professor and spending the summer in Cambridge! If you happen to be around the U and hear a Canadian voice, introduce yourself! See you soon!

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