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Well, Nicole has returned home, and I am back in Nantwich trying to finish some of the things that need doing but just didn’t get done before I headed north. I will be trying to hang my boat bell on … Pregabalin to buy uk

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Back to Nantwich area. We have finished our exploration of the Llangollen canal: all smooth except for a  45 min wait before the final 4 locks: dealing with rookies who are just learning boats, locks, etiquette, and general ‘getting along’. … buy Lyrica overnight

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‘All’s well that ends well’ to quote some English guy. Shaft drilled, prop replaced and we are on the move. Toured back along the canal in sometimes torrential, sometimes just misty rain. The great weather just didn’t last, but we … buy Lyrica 50 mg

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And we bid farewell to Wales after a great tour of Chirk Castle. However, the day was not without a little drama… Last night, I thought I had a fortunate coincidence: Chirk has a lightweight ring of 6 and they … buy Lyrica india

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Llangollen, Wales Wow. We journeyed from Chirk, over the Chirk aquaduct, which is alongside the railway viaduct. Very impressive tall arched masonry. Gorgeous setting, then immediately into a tunnel. The canal is now very different- either perched on the side … buy Lyrica usa

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We are in Chirk- the ancestral ‘home’ or fortress of the Mortimers- who in the 1380’s were a powerful, ambitious, and well regarded family. Edmund and Roger (of various generations) were the Earls of March, and the Welsh Marches was … buy cheap Pregabalin online

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Nicole (my daughter)  has arrived! I travelled from Nantwich to Rugby by train and a wonderful friend who picked me up and then fed me lunch as well (thanks  Pat!)at Braunston. Then I drove to Gatwick airport and stayed for … can i buy Lyrica online

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I’ve arrived near Nantwich, which was the intended destination for the moment. Arggh. Major jazz festival in town this weekend, so absolutely no moorings. OK. Onward to Barbridge junction to turn around, and find a place. All good- except the … buy generic Pregabalin online

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Things have moved along- some planned, some just because. I’m on the Shropshire Union Canal, having moved through the Excitement of The Birmingham Main Line canals. There are two: the old and the new. This is because in the early … can you buy Lyrica in mexico

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The Stratford canal is now a memory. I passed the great Cadbury chocolate works in Bourneville, but decided that I would wait for a tour of the “Chocolate World” museum until I had someone along who might appreciate it more … Lyrica to buy

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